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Avoid Tri-Color Cartridges

                    by Izzy Goodman

A typical ink cartridge holds about 18-20 ml of ink. A tri-color cartridge has 3 colors in one cartridge. This means that capacity must be divided into 3 compartments. You are lucky if you are getting 5 ml of each color in that cartridge. Then if any one color runs out, you have to discard the cartridge even though you still have the other colors left. Over time, the amount you spend in ink will exceed the cost of several printers. That is why the more honest printer companies have stopped making these cartridges in favor of ones with each color in a separate cartridge. You get more of each color and you only replace what you need. Not to mention that the cartridges cost a lot less.  Depending on your ink usage, you would actually save money buying a different printer. The Canon MX922 is about $80 (sometimes as low as $40) and cartridges are under $1.50 for 15ml of each color.

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