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Best Printers

                    by Izzy Goodman

Read this to learn which printers will give you the best features, best warranty, best price and ink cartridges for free or close to it If you come across a deal you think is better, please email and let us know.

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Printers to avoid:   Worst Printers

Inkjet printers

Inkjets and lasers fill different needs. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. The advantages of inkjet over laser are:
-lower costs up front, particularly for multi-function devices
-lower cartridge cost
-smaller footprint (usually)
-lower electrical costs and less heat output
-better quality for high-resolution photographs

When choosing a printer, don't forget to take the warranty as well as cost of ink into account. You can also get an extended warranty on any printer through a company such as SquareTrade.

Most warrantees only applies to printers bought from authorized dealers. Never buy a printer new or used from a second-tier shop such as an unauthorized seller on ebay. A customer bought a brand new Epson sealed in the box off ebay. It died in under a week. Epson is refusing to honor the warranty since they say the seller was not authorized to resell it. The customer is now pursuing the ebay guarantee. If that fails, she will attempt to charge it back on her credit card. Had she bought it from an authorized Epson dealer (Staples, Officemax, Circuit City, etc), she would have gotten her replacement the next day. There are also folks who buy a printer, remove the cartridges and then sell it on ebay without ink.

If you are looking for a highly-rated photo-quality printer which can also be used as a regular printer and uses the cheapest cartridges at 1.00, look at the Canon Pixma MX922 or other Canon printers which use the CLI251 or CLI271 cartridges.

I bought the MX922 for my son as a photo printer (he already has a Brother laser) at Staples. Though they had it for $129, they price match and add 10% of the difference. Since several places have it for $100, I paid $97. They also sold me a 3 year Squaretrade warranty for $15 (normally $30). So I know he will have this printer for at least 3 years. I was so impressed, I bought a second one for myself. Over the past year, it has run from as low as $59 on sale to about $80 on average. Now that it is discontinued, it is selling for about $165. Considering the quality of the printer and the cost of ink, it is still worth the price. Several people who bought one at $40-$50 went back and bought more at $165 for their offices.

Canon MX922 Review

Canon, Brother and Epson have some good printers with cartridges in the $2 range. However, all companies have some lemons, so make sure you check out ratings and cost of ink before you buy. I have heard that the print output of Brother inkjets is not quite as sharp as Epson and Canon.

Another Canon printer worth considering is the TS6020 for $80 at Walmart. It uses the PGI270/CLI271 cartridges available for as low as $1. Be careful to get the right model. The models with a 1 in the second place (TS6120, TS9120) use the PGI280/CLI281 cartridges which are about $10 each.

The best Epson printer had been the Workforce 845 and its little brothers the 645 and 545. They were discontinued and replaced by the Workforce 3520, 3530 and 3540 which were highly rated. I bought the 3530 for my father years ago and it's still going strong. These were discontinued and replaced with the excellent 3600 series. My son has the 3640, both my daughters each have the 7610 (the wide carriage version). All are happy with their printers. The 7610 has been replaced with the 7210, 7710 and 7720. Cartridges are about 3.50 each. The black yields about 800 pages (Epson claims 1200). Refillables are also available.

Epson Workforce 7610 review

The Workforce 3640 is currently available on Amazon for $143.

The workforce 2750 is $70 at Staples, Amazon and other places and uses the T220 cartridges (about $5) which are also available in refillable.

The printer which won't die

The Epson C88+ has been around for over a decade. Despite not having many of the fancy features - it doesn't even print wirelessly - it is solidly made and reliable. This is why some people have been buying it years after it was officially discontinued. A cousin who is a teacher used his for about 15 years and when it died he bought another one. It uses the T060 cartridges which are about $2. You can find it on Amazon for about $112.

Beware the new Epson cartridges. Even though we now have the T288 and T410 in stock, you should be aware that Epson has tried a new tactic to prevent refilling and compatibles. They are putting serial numbers on the chips. If you put in a cartridge with a serial number you have used before, it will be rejected. This means you can't refill a cartridge. It also makes it more difficult for compatible manufacturers because they now have to program a unique serial number in every cartridge and that number must match Epson's format. This is the reason for the higher price.

Beware Epson's newest printers. Epson has gone even further. There was a time when several printers would be released which all used the same cartridge. Now every printer needs a new cartridge. They know compatible manufacturers can't go to the trouble of making cartridges which only fit one printer. If you buy a printer which which uses one of these cartridges (702, 802), you will be stuck buying Epson cartridges which cost as much as the whole printer.

Epson Ecotank printers: What about Epson's Ecotank printers which work with ink bottles rather than cartridges? As expected, these are a great deal for Epson and a terrible deal for you. Read Ecotank printers - the real story for details.

Laser Printers

The advantages of laser over inkjet are:
-they print faster and sharper on text than inkjets
-because they don't have heads which clog or burn out, they tend to last much longer than inkjets
-because they use dry toner and not ink, they don't clog or dry up. You can put a laser printer away for months and it will still work perfectly when you turn it back on.
-though toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges, they yield more pages, so the cost per page is about the same

When choosing a laser printer, you have to look beyond the cost of the printer to:
-the speed in pages per minute
-the cost of the cartridges AND the number of pages they yield to get the accurate cost per page. A $30 cartridge which yields 1,000 pages is not as cost-efficient as a $50 cartridge which yields 6,000 pages.

Some printers (HP in particular), often combine the drum and toner in one unit. You are forced to buy a drum with each toner, which raises the cost considerably. Some companies create a different cartridge for every model printer. Why? Because they know that compatible manufacturers will not make the effort to produce cartridges for a very small market segment. If every printer uses a different cartridge, no one will make compatible cartridges for it. This gives them a monopoly on that cartridge which allows them to charge whatever they want. So when looking for a printer, find one which uses a cartridge which also fits many other models.

This is why I recommend Brother laser printers. They are almost always cheaper than the competition. Unlike other brands where every model printer has a specific cartridge, Brother laser cartridges fit many models of printers. They cost as low as $20 and yield about 2,500 pages. Under a penny a page is as low as it gets.

Many years ago there was a sale on the Brother HL-2040 for $50. I bought two and a number of friends bought them as well. Most are still going strong and all they ever needed was $20 toner cartridges. I never even replaced the drums. Years later, a client bought a multi-function Brother laser. It uses the same $20 cartridges

Color lasers tend to be more expensive, larger, and need 4 toner cartridges. There are some models with $20 cartridges and some with $80 cartridges (per cartridge). Since you need 4, this price difference can be substantial, so check out cartridge prices before buying. Again, Brother tends to be the cheapest at around $20.

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